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Artist: Agoraphobic Nosebleed [ free mp3 ]

Album: Bestial Machinery (Disc 1)
Release: 2005
Format: .mp3 , .wav


File Size    #
1. 5% Control.mp3 (1.21mb) download
2. Scrutinized.mp3 (0.45mb) download
3. Prey For Death/Hollowpoint/Conform To...Death/Life Is Pain/Profit Is Motive.mp3 (1.33mb) download
4. Snake Charmer.mp3 (0.62mb) download
5. Chasing A Dream.mp3 (1.00mb) download
6. Allegiance.mp3 (1.49mb) download
7. Information.mp3 (2.28mb) download
8. Loss For Words.mp3 (0.27mb) download
9. Your Insecurity.mp3 (0.23mb) download
10. Rich Get Richer.mp3 (0.51mb) download
11. Ode To A Junkie.mp3 (1.33mb) download
12. Crawl Of The Mind.mp3 (1.39mb) download
13. What I Did On My Summer Vacation.mp3 (1.39mb) download
14. One More Drink.mp3 (2.00mb) download
15. Forgotten In Space (Voivod).mp3 (5.71mb) download
16. Letter Bomb.mp3 (0.79mb) download
17. El Topo.mp3 (0.57mb) download
18. Vapor Lock.mp3 (2.00mb) download
19. Victims As Dogs.mp3 (0.72mb) download
20. Dead Above The Neck.mp3 (0.81mb) download
21. The Executioner Vs. The Sodomite.mp3 (0.25mb) download
22. From Above.mp3 (0.26mb) download
23. Green Inferno.mp3 (0.74mb) download
24. 100 Dead Rabbits.mp3 (0.49mb) download
25. Circle Of Shit.mp3 (1.42mb) download
26. Amputee.mp3 (1.78mb) download
27. Eight Girls Instead Of Nine.mp3 (1.49mb) download
28. Sex On The Flag.mp3 (2.45mb) download
29. The Newleyweds Are Raped.mp3 (1.08mb) download
30. Mule.mp3 (1.17mb) download
31. 10,000 Bullets.mp3 (0.90mb) download
32. Centipede.mp3 (0.64mb) download
33. Lithium Daydream.mp3 (0.82mb) download
34. Doubled Over.mp3 (0.28mb) download
35. Suicide Note #1.mp3 (0.47mb) download
36. From Filth To Defilement.mp3 (0.82mb) download
37. Who Can Wreck The Infinite.mp3 (0.62mb) download
38. Morphine Constipation.mp3 (0.31mb) download
39. Unholy Bmx Fights The Nod.mp3 (3.81mb) download
40. Exceptional Waste.mp3 (0.58mb) download
41. Fat Fucking Chance.mp3 (0.32mb) download
42. Holy Mountain.mp3 (0.23mb) download
43. Sweetback.mp3 (0.56mb) download
44. Arrival Of Bees.mp3 (1.09mb) download
45. Where You Like.mp3 (0.36mb) download
46. Powertrip.mp3 (0.88mb) download
47. Worthless.mp3 (0.63mb) download
48. Pain In Living.mp3 (0.50mb) download
49. Lose Your Will.mp3 (1.03mb) download
50. Unbelievable Stress.mp3 (0.67mb) download
51. Another Useless Asshole.mp3 (0.95mb) download
52. My Life Is A Money Pit.mp3 (0.94mb) download
53. Debilitating Headache.mp3 (0.70mb) download
54. Powerfall.mp3 (1.03mb) download
55. Paradigm.mp3 (0.70mb) download
56. The Power Of Dolemite.mp3 (0.27mb) download
57. Cut To Happy Hour.mp3 (1.45mb) download
58. Military Scientist.mp3 (1.07mb) download
59. Kool-Aid Feedbag.mp3 (0.71mb) download
60. The Big Fuck You.mp3 (0.69mb) download
61. Computer Lethargy.mp3 (0.52mb) download
62. Non-Action.mp3 (0.46mb) download
63. Anti-Septic.mp3 (0.26mb) download
64. Hessian Bodyfarm.mp3 (2.22mb) download
65. Solvent.mp3 (1.62mb) download
66. Glade, A Straw, And A Sandwich Bag.mp3 (1.46mb) download
67. Headglass.mp3 (1.04mb) download
68. Dc5.mp3 (0.94mb) download
69. Hungry Child (C.O.C.).mp3 (1.74mb) download
70. I'd Rather Be Sleeping (D.R.I.).mp3 (1.61mb) download
71. I Don't Need Society (D.R.I.).mp3 (1.44mb) download
72. Black Ass, White Dick.mp3 (0.36mb) download
73. Black Market Blastbeats.mp3 (0.51mb) download
74. Death Takes A Shit (Assnuke).mp3 (0.68mb) download
75. Ketamine And Kryptonite.mp3 (1.77mb) download
76. Pud Rock.mp3 (0.50mb) download

download full album: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Bestial Machinery (Disc 1)

[ Lisa Mitchell: Neopolitan Dreams ]

Artist: Lisa Mitchell
Song: Neopolitan Dreams

You'll go n I’ll be okay,
I can dream the rest away
Its just a little touch of fate, it will be okay
It sure takes its precious time, but it’s got rights and so have I

I turn my head up to the sky
I focus one thought at a time
I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeves
You couldn’t be alone, the time I feel like I am walking blind
I have no where I’ll have time

There are no legible signs x2

I like the way that you talk,
I like the way that you walk.
It’s hard to recreate such an individual game

You wait you turn in the queue,
You say your sorries and thank you’s
I don’t think you’re ever
A hundred percent in the room
You’re not in the room x2

Deepest, of the dark nights
here lies, the highest of highs
Neopolitan Dreams, stretching out to the sea

You wait you turn in the queue,
You say your sorries and thank yous
I don’t think you’re ever
A hundred percent in the room
You’re not in the room x2

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